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When you are getting started with Bee Invoicing there is a default Company set up for you. You can simply update the details to suit your own Company.

  1. Adding a new Company: Most users will not need to add a new company as you can simply use the one that is already there for you. However, if you do want to create a new company, tap “+” at the top. Enter in all of your Company details as needed and then tap “Save".
  2. Updating a Company: Choose the Company to be updated from the list. Make any changes to your Company details and tap “Save".
  3. Multiple Companies: You can create multiple companies in Bee Invoicing by simply adding new Companies as needed.
  4. Deleting a Company: To delete a Company just swipe left on the company to be deleted, and select “Delete”. Before you do, you should be aware that the following entities that “belong” to this Company will also be deleted:
    1. Invoices
    3. Payments
  5. Company field descriptions:
    1. Company Name (required): Your Company Name
    2. Company Address: Your Company Address. Use paragraph formatting to layout the address as you would like it.
    3. Next Invoice/Quote: The Invoice/Quote Number to be used on your next PDF Invoice/Quote. This number increments automatically when you generate Invoices/Quotes, but you can change it as needed.
    4. Invoice/Quote Prefix: If you wish to add a fixed prefix to your Quote/Invoice Numbers, include it here, e.g. a Prefix of "INV" will cause your Invoice Number to display as "INV12345" on the PDF Invoice.
    5. Currency Symbol (required): The default currency symbol to be used on your Invoices. You can change this on a per-Invoice basis if needed. Example “$”.
    6. Currency Code: The default currency code to be used on your Invoices. You can change this on a per-Invoice basis if needed. Example “USD”.
    7. Taxes: If you usually require 1 or 2 taxes on your Invoices, turn on the switch and populate both the Tax Code (e.g. “GST”) and the Tax Rate % (e.g. “12.5”). The tax details can be changed on a per-Invoice basis if needed.
    8. Custom Fields: There are 3 custom fields available to display additional details in the header of your Invoice or Quote. Make sure to at least populate the field name in Company settings and this will make the field/s available in the Invoice.
    9. Notes: Set up your default Notes for Invoices, Quotes, Packing List and Customer Statements here. These Notes will display on the PDF documents below the line details, and can be changed on a per-Invoice basis if needed. Here you can include text, links. Notes can be used to provide any additional free-form information to the Customer, e.g. Remittance info.
    10. Footer Text: Similar to Notes, you can include text, links and images here, and can change the font/color of the text as needed. The Footer Text is displayed on all PDF documents at the footer of each page.
    11. Company Logo: To include a Company Logo on your PDF Documents, tap "Import Logo" to locate and select your Logo. Tap “Clear Logo” to remove the logo as needed. Please note that even if you are syncing with the OSX version of Bee Invoicing, you will still need to import your company logo directly into the mobile app.