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When a payment comes in for an Invoice, create a Payment record in Bee Invoicing so you can keep track of which Invoices are paid/outstanding.

  1. Navigation: For tips on how to add/edit/delete Payments and more, please see the “General Navigation” section.
  2. Multiple Companies: If you have multiple Companies, you will need to select the correct Company selected from the list before proceeding to the Payments list.
  3. Payment covers multiple Invoices: In this case you should create a Payment record for each Invoice, e.g. if the Payment covers 5 invoices you will have 5 payment records.
  4. Partial payment: An Invoice can have multiple payments against it, so if you receive a partial Invoice payment, just create a Payment record for the paid amount and leave the Invoice open (i.e. do not Mark as Paid).
  5. Payment Fields:
    1. Invoice: Select the Invoice being paid from the list.
    2. Date: Defaults to today's date. Tap on the date to change it and select a new date from the Calendar.
    3. Reference (optional): This will be displayed on Customer Statements.
    4. Amount: Payment amount.
    5. Mark as Paid: If the Invoice is fully paid, turn on this switch. It will change the Invoice status to “Paid”.