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  1. iCloud Syncing For full details on iCloud Syncing, please go to the iCloud Help Page.
  2. Archive Date: All Invoices, Quotes & Payments prior to the Archive date will not be displayed in the tables. They are still available and will reappear if they are dated after the Archive Date. Please note: The archiving will take effect the next time you open Bee Invoicing.
  3. Discounts: Select whether you would like your discounts to be based on Percentage (%) or Total Value (e.g. $).
  4. PDF Template: Select a layout Template from 2 available options. This layout will be used for all PDF documents.
  5. More PDF Settings:
    1. Titles: These are the titles displayed on the PDF Documents. Defaults are: “Invoice”, “Quote”, “Packing List”, Statement”, "Credit Note".
    2. Page Size: All PDF Documents will be created in this size (default US Letter).
    3. Font: All PDF Documents will use this font. Please note that the default font is ‘Helvetica Neue’ and this is the preferred font as all PDF Documents have been optimized for this font.
    4. Color: The PDF Title and all lines on the PDF reports will use the selected color.
    5. Display Company Name and Address: Turn off this switch if you do not wish to display the Company Name and Address on PDF Documents. Use this option if your Company Logo already contains your Company details.