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1.1.0 Update:

  1. iCloud Sync - Sync your Bee Invoicing data between Macs using your iCloud account
  2. Bug fixes

(14 Aug 2017)

1.0.9 Minor Update:

  1. Allow Discounts in % or $ (set up in Preferences)
  2. Allow Discounts on Timesheet Invoice Lines
  3. Allow Delete and Tag of multiple Items.
  4. Archiving
  5. Credit Notes
  6. A4 page size adjustment to correct display of Footer when printing PDF’s.
  7. Correction to display of Invoice Notes on long (> 1 page) Invoices.
  8. Expand Dashboard toolbar item to same width as others.

(30 May 2017)

1.0.8 Minor Update:

  1. Allow multiple search terms in Search bars
  2. Bug fixes.

(16 Jan 2017)

1.0.7 Minor Update:

  1. Updated Payment Selection Window - Display Invoices instead of using Customer and Invoice Drop-down lists.
  2. Payments Editor: only tick the “Mark Invoice as Paid” box if Payment amount will take Invoice balance to zero.
  3. Timesheets Entry: when user starts typing in Timesheet Description field, display table showing matching past entries for user to select from.
  4. Fix display of Statement PDF (Template 2).

(1 Dec 2016)

1.0.6 Minor Update:

  1. Bug Fix: Invoice Number not displaying in Template 1 on Sierra.
  2. Increase Width of Description Field when adding Item to Invoice.

(25 Oct 2016)

1.0.5 Minor Update:

  1. When creating an Invoice Payment, exclude Closed Invoices from Invoice List.
  2. Preferences: New Template Selection (applies to all PDF documents)
  3. Fix bug relating to Customer totals when multiple Companies in use.
  4. Ensure Job selected before saving Timesheet

(23 Aug 2016)

1.0.4 Minor Update:

  1. Fix bug with Dashboard labels not displaying
  2. Update Job totals as Timesheet entries are added/deleted.

(03 May 2016)

1.0.3 Minor Update:

  1. Performance tuning
  2. Allow Items to be created on-the-fly during Invoice creation/editing.
  3. Fix crash when hit Delete button when there is no Company to delete.
  4. Behind-the-scenes improvements to Export/Import of data.
  5. For long notes on PDF documents, attempt to split across 2 pages.
  6. Companies: Next Invoice/Quote Number validation - check for non-numeric characters
  7. Companies: Add recommended maximum sizes to logo note.
  8. Allow Auto-Payments to be created during Invoice creation.

(15 April 2016)

1.0.2 Minor Update:

  1. Tax Rates (in Invoice Editor and Companies screens): Allow up to 4dp
  2. Dashboard: Include 2014 in Year drop-down list for historic Invoices.
  3. Update Customer Totals when Invoices/Payments created/modified/deleted.
  4. Dashboard: Correction to Overdue Invoices calculation.
  5. Set up Control-Click to work the same as Right Click
  6. Sort Timesheet Entries on Invoice by Date (unless re-ordered by User).
  7. Implement custom About page to display version correctly.
  8. Correct the sort order for all drop-down lists
  9. Dashboard: Remove cumulative total from Monthly Revenue Chart
  10. Create Invoice Copy: do not copy Timesheet lines, ensure line date is blank, allow column sorting when selecting Invoice/Quote to copy.
  11. Quote Editor: Hide “Create Quote Copy” button when editing a Quote.
  12. Display logo size warning
  13. When new Invoice/Quote is cancelled, do not auto-increment “Next Invoice/Quote Number” field on Company.
  14. Fix bug where Custom Field Values not available at times when multiple companies in use
  15. Fix bug that causes crash when creating an Item using a Product Group with blank Unit.
  16. Fix bug that causes crash when user attempts to create a Payment for Customer with no unpaid Invoices available.

(17 February 2016)

1.0.1 Minor Update:

  1. Make Help Files available
  2. Display Currency Symbol and Code in main Invoices view
  3. Limit size of Company Logo
  4. Correction to next Invoice/Quote Number calculation
  5. Bug fixes

(13 January 2016)