1000 Mile Club

Join the 1000 Mile Club today! (Or the 1609 km club, which is not quite as catchy, but still an awesome goal.)

This app was inspired by listening to a podcast interview with the running coach at San Quentin prison. The 1000 mile club was started there in 2005, with the goal of training willing inmates to run 1000 miles in a calendar year, all within the prison yard.

This has inspired me to set the same long-term goal for my running, and hence the app was born. I hope you'll join me to embrace the freedom of running, and to extend and motivate yourself over the long term.

Use the 1000 Mile Club app to keep track of your one goal. Make it your own - if you want to swim 500km in 8 months then be my guest! And you can easily share a snapshot of your progress with your social media platform of choice.

Please note - this app does not automatically track your miles. With a couple of taps you can enter your own mileage each time you complete a run (or cycle/swim/other).

Here's a link to the interview: https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/2018691993/inside-the-san-quentin-prison-marathon