The main points:

  1. Create/share/email/print Invoices and Quotes in PDF format.
  2. Sync your Bee Invoicing data between Macs and other devices using your iCloud Account.
  3. Generate PDF Packing Lists and Customer Statements.
  4. Track Customer Payments and view Outstanding Balances on your Invoices.
  5. Track your customers, projects, invoices, quotes and time.
  6. Customers: Create them one at a time, or Import directly from your Contacts
  7. Tag important entries.
  8. Data stored locally on your device.
  9. Simple to use and easy access to all of your data.
  10. Support for multiple Companies
  11. Flexibility with Invoice numbering, Tax rates, Discounts, Shipping and much more!

In brief:

Available now at the App Store

Bee Invoicing Mobile is a very easy to use application that simplifies invoicing. It is available for both iPhones and iPads. Use it on its own, or with our Bee Invoicing Mac App.

It is inexpensive and ideal for small businesses and contractors. Like our Mac application, Bee Invoicing Mobile lets you print and send invoices and quotes in PDF format, plus track customer payments and view balances still due on invoices. With Bee Invoicing, you'll be able to easily track all customers, projects, invoices, quotes, and time, and can even generate packing lists and customer statements!

Need to always be able to get to your information, at any time? You'll be happy to know that all Bee Invoicing data is stored locally on your device.


Help - you probably won't need it, but if you do we have included detailed help pages here to help you on your way.