1.1.0 Update:
  1. Fixed Items issue when you start a new Item, then close the app before saving.
  2. Issue on iPhone 5S with Sync button not accessible.
  3. Fix crash when Invoice Line Item save attempted with invalid numbers.

(19 Sep 2019)

1.0.8 Update:
  1. Bee Invoicing Mobile now available in French! More languages to come…
  2. Improved display of tags and color palette in Preferences.

(7 May 2019)

1.0.7 Update:
  1. Daisy the HelpBot can answer your Invoicing questions!
  2. Timesheets - can now view all Open Timesheets (or Daily).
  3. Allow negative taxes.
  4. Bug fix with multi-page Quotes/Invoices when font not set in Preferences.

(24 Mar 2019)

1.0.6 Update:
  1. Allow fixed Invoice and Quote Number prefixes.
  2. Include link to Privacy Policy in Settings.
  3. Add page numbers when PDF goes across multiple pages.
  4. When copying Quote to Invoice - don’t copy notes from Invoice, get them directly from Company.

(12 Feb 2019)

1.0.5 Update:
  1. PDF Template 4 available.
  2. Update Preferences to single screen.
  3. Bug fixes and minor background enhancements.

(1 Oct 2018)

1.0.4 Update:
  1. Adjustments to Company Logo screen layout.
  2. Fix decimal numbers for French Canadian users.
  3. Bug fixes.

(29 May 2018)

1.0.3 Update:
  1. Bug fixes.
  2. Adjust margins of PDF’s to allow for printing without scaling.
  3. Settings: Add links for Bee Invoicing for Mac, Bee Calculator and Rate and Review.

(4 May 2018)

1.0.2 Update:
  1. New PDF Template 3
  2. PDF Template 2: Change font to be the same as rest of Invoice.
  3. Reset Invoice Number back one when last Invoice is deleted.
  4. Add new Invoice/Quote lines to end of the list.
  5. Correction to sort order of Invoice/Quote Lines on PDF.
  6. Bug fixes.

(8 Mar 2018)

1.0.1 Update:
  1. Update to PDF templates.
  2. Bug fixes.

(06 Dec 2017)