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Importing Data

To import Customers and/or Items into Busy Bee Invoicing you must have your customers or Items in a .csv file with the correct file headings. CSV files can be created/used in Spreadsheet programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel). You can download a sample CSV file with the correct headings here:



The fields do not have to be in any specific order, and the import will ignore any extra fields that do not match Customer or Item fields in Busy Bee Invoicing.

To Import, go to Customers or Items, click on the 'Add New' tab and click the Import button. After a successful import, your customers or items will display on their respective pages. If there are any errors, these will pop up on the screen during the import process.

A few notes on specific fields:

  1. The following fields should be numeric only: Price (Items).
  2. You must ensure that there are no commas (",") anywhere in your text as this will create an extra column! (A CSV file means Comma Separated Variables, thus commas are used to separate out the columns).
  3. When importing Items, the Description and Price fields must not be blank.
  4. When importing Customers, the Name must not be blank.