4.06 Minor Update:

  1. Correct Italian for “Rate” on Invoices/Quotes to “Prezzo”
  2. Increase maximum Item Qty to 999,999
  3. Add Botswana Pula currency (BWP)

(2 Feb 2017)

4.05 Minor Update:

  1. Display future-dated Invoices in main Invoices grid.
  2. Fix bug with Credit Invoices displaying incorrectly on Customer Statements.
  3. Update website references to new website.

(17 Dec 2015)

4.04 Minor Update:

  1. Correct display of "hours" UOM when adding Timesheet entries to Invoices.
  2. Amendment to Dutch translation of "Immediate" Terms.
  3. Correct Invoice Totals for Credit Notes.

(20 April 2015)

4.0 Major Update:

  1. Adjust alignment of Invoice Totals (move 1 character to the left) to meet printer margins.
  2. Added Swedish Translation (add to Website)
  3. Advanced Setting to specify database location and allow "networked" Invoicing.
  4. Release of 2nd version of Busy Bee Invoicing to allow 2 separate copies to run on single machine.

(28 Apr 2014)

3.28 Minor Update:

  1. Add "THB" currency symbol (for Thai Baht)

(9 Mar 2014)

3.27 Minor Update:

  1. Reduce width of Invoice lines print area to allow for printer margins.
  2. New "Quick Report" feature for Payments

(2 Mar 2014)

3.26 Minor Update:

  1. Add "PAID" to Invoice Terms
  2. Remove "greyed out" dates in Payments
  3. Adjust Invoice Grid column widths - increase Qty, decrease Discount.
  4. Allow for long Customer Names in PDF Quotes
  5. New 'Quick Report' feature for Quotes & Invoices
  6. Allow Payment entry by Customer OR Invoice Number

(24 Dec 2013)

3.25 Minor Update:

  1. Expand Notes field in Invoices and Quotes screens
  2. Remove Weekday from PDF Invoice & Quote Dates
  3. Allow horizontal scrolling on Invoices & Quotes tabs to accommodate small screens.
  4. Reduce horizontal spacing on Invoice Add screen and change Invoice Line Date format to accommodate small screens.

(29 Sep 2013)

3.24 Minor Update:

  1. Fix bug with column sorting in Employees tab
  2. Improve Performance
  3. Archiving - Invoices, Quotes, Payments, Statements
  4. Add Reset button to Payments screen
  5. Change date format on Payments screen
  6. Add "late" status to Invoices

(1 Sep 2013)

3.23 Minor Update:

  1. Bug fix - Invoice Date display on PDFs

(7 Aug 2013)

3.22 Minor Update:

  1. Refresh Customer List in Jobs screen when new Customers added
  2. Reopen app at last used size and position.
  3. Remove paragraph indent on PDF Notes sections.
  4. Allow update of Invoice status to Paid via Payments screen
  5. Display Totals on main Quotes screen
  6. Display Subtotal (pre-tax total) and Total Tax on main Invoices Screen
  7. Display footer text on all PDF Documents
  8. Ability to flag Customers as tax-exempt and default Quote/Invoice to non-taxable.
  9. Include Customer in Invoice/Quote filters

(6 Aug 2013)

3.21 Minor Update:

  1. Reset PO Number to blank for new Invoice
  2. Fix Display of future dated Invoices/Quotes on main screens
  3. Add Czech Koruna to currency list.
  4. Increase maximum length of logo to 900 pixels.

(16 Jun 2013)

3.20 Minor Update:

  1. Add Zambian Kwacha, Danish Krone and Bahamian Dollar to Currency list
  2. Fix issue with display of blank currency code on Statements
  3. Change sort order of Quotes to sort by Quote Number, to ensure that latest Quotes are displayed at the top of the list.

(22 Jan 2013)

3.19 Minor Update:

  1. Fix line spacing issue on Notes.
  2. Danish Translation.
  3. Allow hyperlink in Notes sections (using <a url="http URL here">Link Text Here </a> notation)

(23 Dec 2012)

3.18 Minor Update:

  1. Change sort order on some Combo Boxes: Sort Customers by Name in Payments, Jobs, and Customers (Billing Customer) screens. Change sort order of Search tab.
  2. Fix issue with US Letter size documents being created as A4 size.
  3. Remove display of "\r" in Footer text when text contains carriage returns.

(16 Sep 2012)

3.17 Minor Update:

  1. Fix bugs with html text going across pages and page width
  2. Fix Linux display of special characters on PDF docs

(17 Jul 2012)

3.16 Minor Update:

  1. Allow use of basic HTML tags in all PDF Notes (i.e. on Invoice, Packing List, Quotes & Statements)
  2. Correction to Slovenian Translation
  3. Correct alignment issue on PDF Documents with special characters.
  4. Change Invoice footer text to use chosen font.

(19 Jun 2012)

3.15 Minor Update:

  1. Bug fix with Packing List not working if there are no Packing List Notes.
  2. Slovenian Translation
  3. Quotes - Give error message if user attempts to add Item without first selecting a Customer

(7 May 2012)

3.14 Minor Update:

  1. New PDF Document - Packing List
  2. Change english "Terms of Services - ..." to "Terms - ..."
  3. Jobs tab - display Customer Name instead of Customer ID on Jobs List

(24 April 2012)

3.13 Minor Update:

  1. Payments tab: On the Invoices drop-down list, do not include Invoices with a status of 'paid'.
  2. Move pop-up Items window (for both Invoices and Quotes) to accommodate smaller screens.
  3. Fix bug occurring when Quote total is not found.
  4. Correct the sequencing of Timesheet entries (within a single date) so they appear in order on Invoice.
  5. Include United Arab Emirates Dirham currency.

(29 Jan 2012)

3.12 Minor Update:

  1. Fix bug with non-taxable items.
  2. Change PDF text colour to Black.

(9 Nov 2011)

3.11 Minor Update:

  1. Allow Importing of Items and Customers from Spreadsheet (CSV file).
  2. Non-taxable items.
  3. Internal Item Notes.
  4. Remove restriction that limited maximum timesheet hours per entry to 24.
  5. Change date format on Invoice Lines to use abbreviated Month (only applies to line dates, not to the Invoice Header Date).

(7 Nov 2011)

3.10 Minor Update:

  1. Fix bug with display of old paid Invoices.
  2. Display total Job Hours on Jobs tab.

(20 Oct 2011)

3.9 Minor Update:

  1. Allow long customer names to wrap over multiple lines.
  2. Translate Statement line descriptions/references.
  3. Fix bug with display of Billing Customer on Customers tab.

(25 Sep 2011)

3.8 Minor Update:

  1. Bug fix - Quotes.

(29 Aug 2011)

3.7 Minor Update:

  1. Allow negative taxes.
  2. Allow Item details to be modified after adding to Invoice/Quote.
  3. Correct bug with display of Payment amounts on Invoices.

(29 Aug 2011)

3.6 Minor Update:

  1. Display future-dated Invoices in list.
  2. Expand 'Rate' column on Invoices.
  3. Include Saudi Riyal currency (symbol 'SR', code 'SAR')

(7 July 2011)

3.5 Minor Update:

  1. Fix bug with incorrect Amount due on some Invoices

(26 May 2011)

3.4 Minor Update:

  1. Increase length of header section on Statement to accommodate longer Customer address details
  2. Set balance on PDF Statement to 2dp
  3. Fix bug with display of Paid Amount on Invoice PDF
  4. Remove Job ID from Job drop-down list in Timesheets
  5. Remove sorting of Invoice Items, i.e. leave them in order as entered (does not affect Timesheet items)
  6. On Quotes screen, sort drop-down Customer list by Customer Name

(17 May 2011)

3.3 Major Update:

  1. Customer Statements
  2. When entering key, strip out any spaces.
  3. Only do Invoice validations if the box is ticked, i.e. taxes, discount and shipping.
  4. Add 'Reset' button for Invoice & Quote Date ranges
  5. Increase width of Notes on PDF Invoices & Quotes
  6. Ensure that timesheet entries are sorted correctly by date on Invoices
  7. Include Status selection for Invoices & Quotes lists, e.g. to only view Paid invoices
  8. Add currencies: Bosnian Mark, Macedonian Dollar, Serbian Dinar
  9. Allow future dated timesheet entries
  10. Expand Items window in Quotes & Invoices and increase width of Description column.
  11. Include Bosnian translation

(20 April 2011)

3.2 Minor Release:

  1. Rounding correction for Timesheet entries on Invoices
  2. Correction to items with long descriptions being added to Invoices and Quotes.

(8 Jan 2011)

3.1 Minor Updates:

  1. Allow date range selection of Invoices/Quotes/Payments
  2. Display totals for Invoices/Payments
  3. Extend Items window in Quotes
  4. Sort Invoices by Invoice Number (descending) so that latest Invoices are always at the top.
  5. Disable Edit tab if no grid line selected
  6. Update display of Timesheet Totals
  7. Corrections to Spanish translation
  8. Corrections to German translation

(13 Dec 2010)

3.0 Major Updates:

  1. Ability to convert Quotes to Invoices
  2. Display Payments and Invoice Balance on Invoices
  3. Include Costa Rican Colon currency symbol and code.
  4. Extend Items window when adding items to Invoice
  5. Fix bug - when entering Invoice, don't allow Items to be added until Customer is selected
  6. Change Payments grid to display Customer Name instead of Customer Number.
  7. Change Invoices, Quotes and Payments grid sort order to show latest entries first
  8. Hide discount column if no discounts - on both Invoices and Quotes

(06 Nov 2010)

2.8 Minor Updates:

  1. Correct display of Totals when Invoice/Quote totals go across pages.
  2. Allow negative Invoice Quantities to be entered (i.e. a Credit Note).

(06 Sep 2010)

2.7 Minor Updates:

  1. Corrections to Spanish translation.
  2. In Quotes allow Item quantities to be added with decimal places (previously only allowed integers).

(22 Aug 2010)

2.6 Minor Updates:

  1. Corrections to Dutch translation.
  2. Include Brazilian currency.
  3. Add Brazilian Portuguese translation.

(15 Aug 2010)

2.5 Minor Updates:

  1. Fix Rounding issue on Quote & Invoice PDF
  2. Add CHF currency symbol (Swiss Francs)
  3. Add PHP currency code (Philippine Peso).
  4. If user selects no Currency Code, display blank (previously displayed as "None")

(8 Aug 2010)

2.4 Minor Updates:

  1. Move Customer Address on Invoice and Quote Documents to fit DL sized envelope window.

(2 Aug 2010)

2.3 Minor Updates:

(27 Jun 2010)

2.2 Minor Updates:

  1. Added Norwegian translation & currency, NOK
  2. Display of Company Name and Address on PDF documents is now optional (see 'Settings')
  3. Allow change in font size (see 'Settings')
  4. Allow Item UOM to be optional when adding/modifying Items.
  5. Allow selection of page size (A4 or US Letter, see 'Settings')
  6. Fix print margins.
  7. Check for new settings (logo, language etc) each time a Quote or Invoice is viewed.

(June 20 2010)

2.1 Minor Update:

(June 14 2010)

2.0 Major Updates:

  1. NEW LOOK! Same functionality, new look.
  2. Fix bug where error given if Next Invoice/Quote number already in use.
  3. Allow sorting of Grid columns on all tabs. Click on the column heading to change the grid sort order.
  4. Sort Customer drop-down lists alphanumerically rather than just alphabetically, to allow for numeric customer names.
  5. Fix bug regarding Customer numbering and sorting.
  6. Corrections to french translation.

1.18/1.19 Minor Updates:

  1. Sort Customer drop-down lists alphabetically for easier customer retrieval.
  2. Flexible Items - option to modify the Item Description and Price when adding an Item to an Invoice or Quote.
  3. Items sorted alphabetically for easier Item retrieval.

(22 May 2010)

1.17 Major Update:

  1. New languages added: Dutch and German.
  2. Flexible Invoice & Quote numbering - go to the Invoice Settings page to set up your own Invoice and Quote numbering.
  3. Expanded allowable logo width to 700 pixels.
  4. New currency - Dominican Peso.
  5. Update software links.
  6. Fix Project Date translations.

(09 May 2010)

1.16 Minor Update:

  1. Added a Slovakian translation and modified Invoice document to only display Job fields on the Invoice lines if the Invoice contains a Timesheet/Job entry.

(05 April 2010)

1.15 Minor Update:

  1. Allow Payment amounts up to 999,999.00 and display Payment Amount to 2dp.

(25 March 2010)


  1. In our latest release we have added a Payments tab - you can now track your Customer Payments and view Outstanding Balances on your Invoices.

(18 Mar 2010)


  1. New logo, and change to allow Item Quantities to be added as Real numbers (i.e. with decimal places).


1.12 Major Update:

  1. Added Quotes tab to the software. Create Quotes as well as Invoices! Please view our tutorials (Numbers 8 & 9) to see the updates.

(21 Jan 2010)


  1. In this version we have added 3 custom fields for use on the Invoice. Please refer to the Help files for setup and usage info.

(16 Jan 2010)


  1. Added Italian language option.

(14 Jan 2010)

1.9 Minor update (11 Jan 2010)

1.8 Minor update (11 Dec 2009)


  1. We have modified the Tax Rates to allow decimal places, and have increased the maximum Job Rate to 9999.

(21 Oct 2009)


  1. Resolved an issue with deleting and adding Customers.

(19 Oct 2009)


  1. We have allowed decimal places in the Job Rate.

(7 Oct 2009)


  1. You will now be able to choose the theme color for your Invoices, and set up default 'Invoice Notes' in the Invoice Settings page.

(4 Aug 2009)


  1. We have added the option to create an Invoice in multiple languages.

(2 Jul 2009)

1.2 Minor bug fixes. (1 Jul 2009)


  1. Allow for larger company logo (200 x 350 px).
  2. Allow company logo to be removed/cleared.
  3. Include font selection for Invoice document.
  4. Enable discounts at the line level (i.e. per item).
  5. Fixed bug with Currencies not set to USD.

(30 Jun 2009)

1.0 Original Version (12 Jun 2009)