pc invoicing

The main points:

  1. Print and send Invoices and Quotes in PDF format.
  2. Generate PDF Packing Lists and Customer Statements.
  3. Track Customer Payments and view Outstanding Balances on your Invoices.
  4. Track your customers, projects, invoices, quotes and time.
  5. Import Items and Customers from a Spreadsheet.
  6. Data stored locally on your computer.
  7. NEW! Option to set the database location to a folder of your choice, including networked/shared folders. This will allow multiple machines to use the same database.
  8. Simple to use and easy access to all of your data.
  9. Customize your Invoices and Quotes for use in any country, with any currency - multiple languages available (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovakian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bosnian, Slovenian, Danish, Swedish - more added upon request!)
  10. NEW! If you have 2 companies and would like to run the invoicing completely separately for each company, you can now purchase a 2nd key and run a 2nd application on the same machine. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a 2nd app (same price)
  11. Busy bee invoicing can run on all major operating systems. Windows | Apple Mac | Linux* | Ubuntu* (*See System requirements below).
  12. Flexibility with Invoice numbering, Tax rates, Discounts, Shipping, Invoice Terms and much more!
  13. It's only $29.00 $19.00 Receive all future software updates free! No monthly fees!

In brief:

Busy Bee Invoicing is ideal for small businesses and contractors. It is inexpensive, with a one time fee. When an update is available the software will automatically prompt you to update, one click and you will be running the latest version! You can view our updates page to see what we have added so far. We are constantly listening to our users and adding helpful additions like "Customer Statements" which came out in update 3.3


Help - you probably won't need it, but if you do we have included detailed help pages with the software, and a series of online video tutorials to help you on your way.


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A note from the creator,

I initially developed this application for my own use because I'm a contractor and wasn't able to find a software package that was inexpensive and met my needs as a small business owner. I needed something simple that would let me record my billable time during the week and generate professional invoices at the end of the week, (without having to re-type the information on customers, rates etc every time). We added some more features that may be useful to other small business owners and have put it on the software market at a low cost for anyone else out there that may be in the same boat as me.
Nicky Gill.