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In order to create an Invoice, Quote or Job you will need to set up at least one Customer.

  1. Navigation: For tips on how to add/edit/delete Customers and more, please see the “General Navigation” section.
  2. Import Contacts: Customers can be added manually using the Plus “+” button. However, you can also import Contacts one at a time directly from your Contacts app. Tap the “Import Contact” button and select the Contact to import. Customer details will be generated automatically from this Contact and you can update them as needed before tapping “Save” to save the new Customer details.
  3. Deleting a Customer: Please note that when you delete a Customer, you will also be deleting it’s associated Invoices, Quotes, Payments, Jobs and Timesheets.
  4. Customer Fields:
    1. Customer Name (required)
    2. Contact Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Billing Customer. If this Customer is also the billing Customer (i.e. this is where you will be sending the Invoice) then leave the Billing Customer checkbox ticked. If you will be sending Invoices to a different customer, uncheck the Billing Customer checkbox and choose the billing Customer from the list. This is often used in examples such as sub-contracting, or when the shipping/service Customer is different to the Billing Customer.
    5. Tax Exempt: If this Customer is exempt from your usual taxes, tick this checkbox. When you create an Invoice or Quote, the taxes will be blank by default.
    6. Notes: Enter any additional Customer info here. These Notes are not displayed on any PDF documents.
    7. Active: If the Customer is active, you can use it throughout Bee Invoicing (e.g. to create Jobs, Invoices). If the Customer is inactive, it does not display on any Customer lists for creating Jobs, Invoices etc. You can re-activate a Customer at any time.