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Set up Items to include on your Invoices and Quotes. An Item may represent a Product, Service or Expense etc. Item details can be changed when they are added to an Invoice as needed.

  1. Navigation: For tips on how to add/edit/delete Items and more, please see the “General Navigation” section.
  2. Item Fields:
    1. Product Group: If you wish to group your Item into a Product Group, select one from the list. Product Groups are not displayed on the PDF documents, they are useful for categorizing a large number of Items to make them easier to sort and search on.
    2. Item Code: If used, this will be displayed along with the Item Description on PDF documents.
    3. Item Description (required): This will be displayed on PDF documents.
    4. Non-taxable: If the item is non-taxable by default, turn on this switch.
    5. Rate: Item Price.
    6. Unit: Unit of Measure, e.g. “EACH”.
    7. Notes: Enter any additional Item info here. These Notes are not displayed on any PDF documents.
    8. Active: If the Item is Active, it will display in the Item list when adding Invoice Lines.