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If you are billing for your time, use Jobs and Timesheets to keep a record of billable time spent on each task. When you create an Invoice and select a Customer, all open Timesheet entries for this Customer will automatically be added to the Invoice.

  1. Navigation: For tips on how to add/edit/delete Timesheets and more, please see the “General Navigation” section.
  2. Display timesheet entries for a specific Date: To view Timesheet entries for a specific date, tap on the date at the top of the window and select a new date from the Calendar.
  3. Timesheet Fields:
    1. Date (required): Date of Timesheet entry. Defaults to today.
    2. Job (required): Select the Job from the list
    3. Task Description (required): This will be displayed when Timesheet entry is added to an Invoice.
    4. Hours (required): Enter the decimal number of hours spent on this task (e.g. 2.5 = 2 hours and 30 minutes).