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General Navigation

  1. Create new entries: Tap on the ‘+’ at the top right-hand side. In most cases this will open a new window for you to populate the details. Tap Save to save the new entry.
  2. Updating entries: Tap on a table entry. This will open a new window for you to update any details. Tap Save to save the changes.
  3. Deleting entries: Swipe left on a table entry and select ‘Delete’. You will be warned if deleting the entry may cause other associated entities to also be removed (e.g. removing a Job will remove all of it’s associated Timesheet entries). If you are unsure you may want to consider just making the entry inactive rather than deleting.
  4. Tag entries: Tag entries in any table to group or prioritize entries. You can search on tags too. If an entry is tagged with a color, this color will be displayed in the table list.
    1. Add tag: Tap on the table entry and in the Editor select the tag color you wish to use.
    2. Remove tag: Tap again on the "tagged" color to clear the tag.
    3. Search: Enter a color name, e.g. “Red” in the Search bar to retrieve all entries tagged with Red.
  5. Search: Use the Search bar above all tables to filter the table entries. You can search for multiple search terms, e.g. "November 2018 red" in Invoices will retrieve all Invoices with a November 2018 date that are tagged red.